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Free Shipping CYCLOPS STORM OSD System W/GPS | New V1.03 Edition
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Cyclops Storm OSD, AHRS based OSD with RTL/RTH fucntion:

  • Reliable AHRS based, don't be affected by weather and background of flying field. Fully tested with wooden, EPO, EPP and even oil-drived 15-class planes, proven robust anti-vibration algorithms. No need extra anti-vibration devices.
  • Tiny size with ALL-IN-ONE design, the main-board integrates OSD, Gyro sensor,accelerometer sensor, barometre sensor, and the control unit, also with enough input and output ports, offer precise attitute hold and stabelization.
  • Fully tested with different kinds of planes, support normal 4-channels plane, V-tail, and flyingwings.
  • 3 flying modes, make your fly easier and funny, manual mode, PA mode, and RTH mode
  • 3 OSD screens, you can always find your favorite one
  • New 10hz gps module with back-up battery, 5 seconds locking time after first locking. 100A current sensor module.
  • Power input: 3S Lipo
  • Weight: 68g
  • Current sensor: 30V, 100A
  • video format: auto detect PAL or NTSC


  • 1x Storm OSD main board
  • 1x 100A current sensor module
  • 1x GPS module
  • 1x configuration button board
  • all related wire cable included

No printed manual come with this product, if you need manual, please contact us to send the E-manual to you by email.


1. It is normal that the elevator may move suddenly at the moment that the GPS signal becomes locked from unlocked status, or while the GPS status is changing.
2. To analyze if irregular movements of elevator is caused by product defective or GPS status changing, you need to test it under "manual" mode, then see if there is sudden movements. Do NOT test it under PA or RTH modes.
3. In PA & RTH modes, in the circumstance that GPS locked, then the elevator is auto-controlled even the control range is very small, but in the circumstance that GPS is not locked, as the device can not determine the altitude so the elevator is not auto-controlled, for safety, it is a good choice not to hook the elevator but control elevator channel manually if you prefer.

4. Gyro calibration: It needs to recalibrate when it is used for the first time(very important!!!) or it is placed for a long time, during calibration, OSD main board must be placed horizontally, and strictly remains still!!!





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